Turn up the heat

Hulamin Containers Roast Dish

Busy lifestyles are making convenience a key driver in the prepared meals market.  Even though people have less time to cook, they still want fresh, nutritious, meals that taste like hours have been spent in the home kitchen preparing them; the secret to offering such a convenience meal is to have it served fresh from the oven to the table.  For this reason, food manufacturers and retailers capitalise on using Hulamin aluminium foil containers, all of which can go directly from the store to the oven, grill, or indeed the microwave oven. 

The characteristics of aluminium to withstand a wide range of temperatures from well below freezing to the high temperatures used when baking, oven-grilling or (in true South African style) when placed directly on the braai, provide the unique advantage of our aluminium containers retaining their shape and rigidity throughout the entire temperature range, across all methods of heating.  There is no danger of the pack becoming unstable in handling after heating.